When to Schedule a Newborn Session

When to Schedule a Newborn Session in Brunswick, Ga.

Undoubtedly, babies enjoy keeping us on our toes—we’re never quite sure when they’ll arrive and make their big appearance! While betting on the big day might be exciting, it can also make selecting the ideal time to take their very newborn photo session feel almost stressful.

It’s crucial to begin your search for a newborn photographer in Brunswick, Ga. as early in your pregnancy as possible, as many photographers book sessions several months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to select the ideal photographer and reserve their services. A lot of photographers only capture a certain amount of baby sessions every month. This guarantees that the client will be able to get their child in when they come. While most photographers do their best to hold onto a few last-minute spaces for newborn sessions, in many cases the sole available time slot falls outside of the usual window of time that photographers like to photograph newborns (my personal preference is to photograph newborns between 7 and 14 days after birth). This is perfect because the first few weeks of life are when babies are most drowsy, cuddly, and adaptable. There are additional advantages to taking newborn photos as soon as possible after the baby’s actual birth day!

Another reason to schedule your newborn photos early is that many photographers provide special discounts and perks for booking sessions before your due date! At Shelly Walrath Photography, I prefer to offer a discounted maternity session charge when a newborn picture session is also booked.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t know when your baby will arrive! Most photographers provide a “guarantee date” or a time window during which they can picture your infant. Newborn sessions are often scheduled based on “Due Dates.” While we never know when your baby will arrive, reserving a place on your photographer’s calendar ensures that they’ll get you in for your newborn picture session when they prefer to photograph their newborn clients. You will notify your photographer and finalize your session date after your baby comes.

Another advantage of scheduling your newborn photo session early is that it gives you and your photographer plenty of time to arrange your session. You can talk about colors, props, and other things to make your session unique and personal. This may not always be possible if you wait until your baby is born to look for a newborn photographer.

After their baby is delivered, many families begin to consider a newborn shoot. And you are not alone if you find yourself in this situation.

If your child has already been born, please contact us to inquire about last-minute availability. If other babies arrive earlier or later than expected, I may be able to squeeze you in.

You don’t have to miss out if your infant is already passed the “two week window.” I photograph ‘older newborn’ infants on a regular basis and also offer an Older Newborn Session that focuses on newborn images ideal for babies aged up to 8 weeks.

To book your newborn session, please fill out this form and let me know your projected due date or your baby’s birth date if they’ve already been born.

I’ll respond within 24 hours to confirm availability.

I’ll send you a booking form and an invoice for the session price once we’ve confirmed availability. You can fill out the form online and pay the session charge via credit or debit card or bank transfer.

Your appointment is confirmed once you submit the form and pay the first half of the session fee.

I’ll email you a lot of information between then and your appointment to help you prepare for a comfortable, pleasurable experience. And, as the date approaches, we’ll talk over the phone to finalize all the specifics.

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